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Property Development

We have extensive experience in land and property development, ranging from small subdivisions to large residential projects. Services include developing and advising on project management agreements, tax efficient structuring, off the plan contracts of sale, planning, owners corporations and construction contracts. 

Primary Production Land

Farming land has unique issues to consider and possible taxation concessions. If you are buying or selling primary production land we will consider these matters and advise in your best interests. In particular, we can advise on water rights, family farm transfers, co-operatives, merchant agreements and planning issues.

Adverse Possession

Obtaining title to land by possession can be complex but is more common than you may think. If you believe you may have adverse possession rights we can assist with advice and applications to the Land Registry to obtain legal title. 

Plans of Subdivision

If you have a plan of subdivision to be registered at the Land Registry we can advise you on the process and undertake this work including obtaining any mortgagee consents.

Owners Corporations

We can draft rules for owners corporations and advise on your rights as a member including dispute resolution.

Other Common Property Matters

General Law Conversions - registering your old law chain of title to registered land

Lost Title Applications 

Family transfers of land

Advising on and creating easements, restrictive covenants and Section 173 Agreements

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