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Project and Corporate Finance

If you require legal review and assistance with your finance documentation, we have extensive experience in banking and finance law. When undertaking a property development or other project, the finance and a financier's requirements should be taken into consideration at the outset.

We are able to advise on structuring to maximise the 'bankability' of a project for financiers, the loan documents, security arrangements as well as the risks involved and means of mitigating those risks.

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Loan Agreements and Security

We can draft loan agreements between parties that are simple or complex depending on the circumstances. Whether it is a loan between family members, vendor finance in property transactions or more detailed financial institution loan documents, we can tailor these contracts, and any security arrangements, to reflect the agreement between the parties.


Having a properly drafted loan agreement and adequate security is imperative to protect not only your repayment from the borrower but potentially your priority to repayment against third parties.

We also regularly advise on reverse mortgage loans and can assist you if a bank requires you to seek advice from a solicitor.

Guarantees and Guarantor Advice

If you are going to guarantee a bank loan most banks require you to seek independent legal advice as a condition of funding the loan. We can provide such advice and ensure that you understand the risks and potential implications of being a guarantor.

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