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Business Sales and Purchases

Buying or selling a business involves very careful attention by your legal adviser. Each industry has unique requirements, permitting and contracts that have to be considered and properly dealt with. We have experience with the sale and purchase of local bakeries and restaurants through to multi million dollar transport companies and most businesses in between.


Your transaction will be considered both from a big picture perspective and in fine detail to ensure you are protected and ready to move on with the proceeds of the business you grew, or to embark on an exciting new commercial venture. 

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Commercial Leases

We have extensive experience in drafting and finalising leases for commercial premises, acting for both landlord and tenant. A commercial lease requires careful consideration of the commercial relationship being implemented, relevant retail leasing legislation and the nature of the business being conducted at the premises. It is imperative that the risks involved in being a landlord or tenant have been  thoroughly analysed and mitigated.


If you are considering starting or buying a franchise business we can advise on the legal framework, the contracts and your rights against franchisors. This business model has various pros and cons and a broad legal oversight of any new business venture is prudent and would provide the peace of mind and protection you need to get on with making it a success.

Other Commercial Matters

Commercial requirements are as varied as the myriad of businesses themselves. We have experience advising in most sectors, ensuring you achieve the business solution and protection you need. Contractual requirements might include confidentiality agreements, security documents, service agreements, licences, employment contracts, supply agreements and joint ventures. What is vitally important is a lawyer who understands the commercial environment you operate in and can negotiate the best outcome on your behalf.

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