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Corporate Law Advice

Being a company director comes with many duties and legal obligations. We can provide advice on matters relating to the Corporations Act, director duties and other obligations when running a corporation (as well as incorporated associations and other legal entities). This can include strategic corporate advice to advising on company powers, meetings, resolutions and shareholders. 

If you require guidance in your role as a director or company secretary or are a shareholder needing to understand your rights, we have many years of corporate experience to draw upon.

Shareholder Agreements

In addition to a company constitution, many small to medium companies with multiple shareholders wish to regulate their commercial agreement with a shareholders' agreement.

These agreements clarify, amongst other things, how a shareholder can sell out of the business, the appointment of directors and the duties and responsibilities of shareholders to each other. We can draft a shareholders' agreement to suit your requirements and ensure that the goodwill and agreement established at the start is clearly documented and enforceable as the business goes forward.

Capital Raising

Raising funds is highly regulated, particularly if offers are made to the public. We have experience in guiding you through the corporate law requirements and producing prospectuses, offer information statements and other disclosure documents.

We can also document corporate and shareholder loans and consider your best options for raising capital as your business grows and seeks new opportunities.

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